As a Google Partner Agency, we can help you put together a data driven marketing strategy that provides you with a positive return on your investment.

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Our team is comprised of only the best. Our founder has sought them out and made sure that we bring you the quality, and the results, that you truly deserve.

Max Perzon
Founder, SEO Expert
Max is the founder of PerzonSEO. He’s not only enthusiastic about SEO and social media marketing, but has made it his mission to take his passion to help others to further their dreams and allow their businesses to soar to new heights. As a Google Partner, he’s highly qualified to help push things to the very limits of what can be done.
Max Sandelin
Lead Developer
Max is a vital part of the team, and his web development skills are second-to-none. As a vital member of the team he ensures that every website created by the company meets the utmost standards. In combination with the rest of the team, he makes up an extremely important part of the team by ensuring that everything runs smoothly with each task PerzonSEO takes on.
Jessica Norman
Lead Designer
Jessica is one of the best web designers around, and her presence on the team is a true blessing. Possessing both a degree and a sheer degree of raw talent which can rarely be found she is an asset to the team and a vital part of the behind the scenes operation of PerzonSEO.
Sanne Johnson
Virtual Assistant
We´re very fortunate to have Sanne on our team. She is a proficient and results oriented information technology professional, with extensive experience in practical and theoretical application of project management methodologies.


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What we here at PerzonSEO do at the end of the day is simple: we strive to make you succeed by increasing your digital presence. When you’re struggling to eke out the next piece of greatness from your business by making sure that you’re just as healthy online as you are offline. We provide everything you need in order to make sure that the internet knows you’re here.

We specialize in helping local businesses. You may think that you’ve reached the limit of what you can do, but our services are exactly what’s needed to reach out beyond what you ever dreamed possible.

We don’t just offer you search engine optimization, we offer a friendly and comprehensive service which is sure to help push you to the next level. We offer a bevy of services. Each of these is enacted by our experts, who’s only goal is to push you to the next level. To make sure that you succeed by a larger margin than you ever thought possible.

Our services are designed to allow you to focus on your business while we handle the digital end of things. We’ll make it so that every single person who approaches the internet looking for your kind of business knows you’re there.

We do this because it is our passion, and our services will leave you free to pursue your own passions.

We handle the tools you need to take yourself to the top, and we do it with finesse and skill. This is what we do. Our experts are always searching for the best method to keep you on top in the ever changing battleground of rankings.

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to climbing the rankings like a champion, people who will make sure that your business grows in ways you never thought possible, then we’re exactly who you’re looking for.

Max Perzon Founder, PerzonSEO
Max Sandelin UI/UX Designer

We offer websites which will leave your customers satisfied with both speed and design, and we make sure that it will happen no matter what device they’re using to browse. We offer security, for you and your customers that is unparalleled.

The truth is, we were founded on a single dream: to make your business succeed beyond your wildest dreams.